Why you must have goals!

motivation Jun 25, 2020

*This blog is an extract from today's post to the June Office-Athletes who are training with me currently.

Why you must have goals!

Today is a great example of why you must get your goals out of your head and onto paper!

Once your goals are written down they come to life. 

The act of identifying your goals and writing them down says to your conscious and subconscious mind that these objectives are important.

And this might sound a little woo-woo but it also puts a message out into the universe, which very often gets answered!

As if by magic you start to see the places, people, resources and teachers you need. The 'Secret' by Rhonda Byrne is based on this principle. 

But in truth it's not magic it's psychology - you get what you look for. 

Or put another way, what you focus on you get. 

Focus on positivity - you get more positivity 
Focus on the negative - you see more negatives

It's the same with your goals. When you have a solid goal it acts as an anchor into the future that pulls you forward to better things. 

And when the student is ready the teacher arrives.

So we must always have goals. Big ones, little ones, out the box ones and ones that scare the pants off us! 

So back to the TEDx talk, this was not a goal I was focusing on, but after moving through the goals plunger exercise, it was one of my many goals.

At this time I had two maaaahooosive golden-goals underway, to finish my master's degree and complete the final draft of my book.

 * I was a bit naughty as I like to focus on just one goal at a time as you know, but I had two deadlines that came together so I had no option!

However, I kept writing out the words 'TED talk' as part of my morning journaling process. 

So I was putting the TED out into the universe as it were but I was not making any effort towards this goal. 

And then, as if by magic or an act of serendipity, 4 weeks after writing out the words TED talk I got a call out of the blue inviting me to speak at a TEDx event!!!

Assuming it would be in several months away  I jumped at the chance. 

Then discovered the talk was in May, the same month as my dissertation and final book draft were due!! 

So I went all in and worked harder than I have ever worked before and managed to complete all three goals in May 2019.

I would not recommend this - and the end of May, Tara my wife, said that was amazing and congratulations - but don't do that again!! haha!

As you can see this goal setting is not an exact science but EVEN just thinking about your goals and doing the work, starts to let the universe know this objective is important and you never know what might happen!

So let's keep getting your goals out there, filter your one golden goal and then MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!



Please keep sharing your goals 

Above is a link to the TEDx talk, I hope you enjoy it and if you can like, comment and share that would be AMAZING!!

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