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Meet Andy 

(Author, coach, entrepreneur, broker, behavioural change & performance expert)

Andy is a former professional athlete, who following an injury which cut short his career, went on to co-create two multimillion-dollar city brokerages. But after achieving traditional “success” Andy was left feeling broken. He was unfit, unhealthy, overweight, stressed and unhappy. 

Andy believed there had to be another way to be successful while staying super fit, healthy, maintaining a happy home life and doing it with a smile on his face. So, 10 years ago Andy went on an adventure to study the art of behavioural change and elite performance.

The techniques Andy uncovered transformed his mind, body, business and most importantly his relationships. Inspired, Andy firstly co-founded a world-leading behavioural change platform (OYNB) which is a 28,90 or 365-day alcohol-free challenge, inspiring over 100,000 people to transform their relationship with alcohol. And his latest venture, Seneca Performance is revolutionising corporate wellness through its unique mind, body and lifestyle management program for elite business professionals.

Andy is also the author of two best-selling books and is one of only a few coaches to hold a Masters degree in coaching psychology and positive psychology. Andy’s unique background, education and experience make him one of the world’s leading behavioural change experts and performance coaches. He also regularly speaks about behavioural change and peak performance.

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The Rich Roll Podcast

"I first met Andy two years ago when he turned up for our Plantpower Ireland retreat. Fast friends from the outset, I’ve wanted to share his story ever since." - Rich Roll 

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Feel Better Live More Podcast

"Andy's story is super inspiring and this is a fantastic conversation" - Dr Rangan Chatterjee 

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Best Selling Author 

Andy has recently released his second book on Motivation called "Lets Do This!' and he is currently working on his third, watch this space!


How to transform the lives of those you love

Why can't I be happy with what I have?

Aug 07, 2020

How to become truly successful

Jul 30, 2020


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The Let’s Do This Fit-Club

Live coaching with Andy every month on motivation, goals, physiology, psychology, productivity and happiness.

The Let’s Do This Fit-Club is a community of like-minded people who all want to be a bit better. Andy coaches the group on a daily basis through a combination of accountability posts, group interactions, videos, and a bi-weekly 60-minute group coaching calls. The power of the tribe and the latest big ideas in personal performance coaching will take your life to the next level.

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[MOST POPULAR] The 8-week Every-Day Athlete Transformation

This is Andy’s premier online training, and all his latest learning and wisdom is packed into this 8 week course. Why are your dreams any less important than those of an athlete? They’re not right? So why not adopt an athlete mindset to reach your life and goals and dreams.

In this course any will show you exactly how your mind works, how to manage and strengthen your mindset by transforming the one thing you truly have control over - your beliefs. You will learn how to set and refine your goals along with Andy’s unique personal accountability formula that will keep you focused on your goals. This course is everything you need to know about self-development and elite performance rolled into one transformational course.

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Train with Andy the 8 week 121 transformation

If it’s possible, always work with a top coach. Andy has been lucky enough to have leveraged elite coaches and mentors throughout his career to consistently reach new and exciting goals, and Andy continues to be coached and always will. Because the extra level of accountability a great coach provides is often enough to guide you towards new levels of performance, meaning and happiness that would otherwise be hard to reach.

Andy only trains a handful of people at a time, however you can apply by clicking the link below. The 121 8 week transformation has been designed by Andy to help you find clarity on your goals, meaning and purpose. You will work together to create a full-life blueprint that will consistently guide you towards improved health, vitality, clarity of purpose, help you reach your goals, achieve success as defined by you, and ultimately lead a happy meaningful life.

Let’s do this!

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The OYNB alcohol-free challenge

Join over 100,000 people and take a 28,90 or 365-day alcohol-free challenge. If you want to set the foundation for a fully vibrant, energised life then this is the challenge for you! And it’s not about “giving” anything up, it’s about gaining a massive advantage in all areas of your life. But this is a tough challenge and this is why Andy and the team will guide you through each day on your way to challenge glory. And when this is combined with one of the best tribes on the internet you might just transform your relationship with alcohol and your life!

Click to take a OYNB challenge


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Let's Do This!

How to use motivational psychology to change your habits for life

Is the motivational playbook for any type of personal change, from losing 10lbs o stepping up in your career to running a half marathon. The difference between giving up and succeeding comes down to mastering your motivation to take control of your life. 

In this unapologetically positive book, Andy Ramage explains the theory and practice of motivation so that you can make any change in your life , and make it last.  


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The 28-day Alcohol-Free Challenge

Take the 28-day alcohol-free challenge and discover a hangover-free world of quality time to achieve your goals. 

This book is aimed at middle lane drinks, who sometimes drink averagely, sometimes heavily, sometimes not at all, and occasionally moderately, which is basically everyone!


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Learn how to be more confident, productive, motivated and happy in these turbulent times!

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