What the Blue Zones can teach us

health Mar 31, 2020

What the Blue Zones can teach us

Dan Buettner author of enlightening – ‘Blue Zones’ concludes it is our environment that leads people to live exceptionally, long, healthy and vibrant lives.

The Blue Zone 100-year-old super healthy outliers are not necessarily trying to live healthily, their environment and the triggers within simply make it happen.

They eat a healthy whole foods diet because of their rural existence. Their jobs or commutes often involve physical exercise. They live close to friends and relatives, which provided connection and they spend lots of time outside. So it is their environment is pushing them into a healthy existence.

This is such a key point - Most of us are not lucky enough to live in one of these blue zones so we have to create our own. We can do this by engineering our environment to support the person we want to be and the life we want to lead.

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