Why we have suddenly stopped sleepwalking through life

motivation philosophy Mar 27, 2020


Have we stopped sleepwalking through life?

The great philosopher, Socrates believed most people were sleepwalking through life. 

This is so true today, most people are just turning up to life, never really pausing for long enough question what we’re are doing, or who we are feeling and why. 

Lots of people are existing on hand-me-down beliefs they just absorbed from family, friends, the government or society and never stopping to question these beliefs. 

Socrates insisted that there is a strong connection between your beliefs or philosophy of life and your mental and physical health.

Socrates declared that we must take full responsibility to take ‘care of our souls’

In essence, philosophy was designed to help us take care of our souls.

The greek for psychotherapy is ‘taking care of the soul’

Socrates was one of the first, to gift us a clue to a life well-lived. We can examine, and transform our beliefs to remove that what is toxic and nurture and create that what is healthy. 

Its a form of medicine we can administer to ourselves. More then this it sets the foundation of life at is best regardless of our circumstance.

Put simply - we have the power within to heal ourselves and create our greatest life.

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