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AF-FIT IN-PERSON Workshop (24th October 09:00 - 13:00 BST)

LOCATION of the workshop: The Zone1 Health Studio, Baddow Park House, W Hanningfield Rd, Great Baddow, Chelmsford CM2 7SY

A reminder of what you will get during the 4-hour workshop:

  • You will discover the longevity and health benefits of low-intensity heart rate training and why optimal fitness comes from slowing down, to eventually speed up!
  • Know exactly how to manage your heart rate zone and learn the Z1-HR formula, and why 80% of the Zone1 formula is based on low-intensity Zone1 heart rate training. 
  • You will find out why it’s ok to walk or exercise very gently if your heart rate is high. Therefore if you are new to exercise for example, you can start very easy and build only when your body or heart rate allows it, so it’s perfect for those trying to get fit again. 
  • Learn a daily “heart rate’ health check that will show you in your heart rate your health improvements and also protect you from overtraining.
  • Find out how to AVOID the heart rate black hole, which is where 90% of people train too hard at too high a heart rate then get injured.
  • Discover the dangers of exercise following alcohol intake, and how the Z1-HR formula can protect you while building you to optimal health.
  • Learn why going alcohol-free is optimal for your health & longevity
  • Learn how to reduce inflammation, optimise weight, and protect against disease with the Zone1 nutritional strategy. 
  • Discover why fasting is a health superpower.
  • Unlock the natural energy in your body by burning fat, so you can LOVE LIFE more!
  • Master the techniques to protect your body & mind against decline.
  • Learn how your strength rations between the upper body and lower body can predict ill health and equally be improved to promote health. 
  • Overcome the barriers to health - self-management, by learning exactly how to create your own health and longevity plan.  
  • Learn the skills to transform your health and perform at an elite level should you wish.
  • Learn some basic strength moves that will transform your strength without any fancy equipment.